What’s on Your Mind?

What’s on Your Mind?


When your business is the first business that comes to mind as a place to find a particular product or service, you have achieved what is called “top-of-mind awareness.” Top-of-mind awareness is built and reinforced through repetition.

What business do you think of when someone says, “golden arches?”  McDonald’s.  Or, what about the retail store that uses a red bull’s eye as its logo?  Target.

Eighty-five percent of your customers live or work within a five-mile radius of your business. As the drive their morning and evening commutes, take their children to and from school, errands, and shop, they will travel by your location about 50 to 60 times a month.

Take advantage of the opportunity your repetitive traffic brings.  By commanding their attention each and every time they drive by your business with a compelling, unique sign, you’re building top-of-mind awareness and branding your business. Make sure you include your signage in your overall marketing strategy.

For example, a Volvo dealership in Oregon always includes in its radio ads its address, followed by the phrase “under the big blue Volvo sign.” When people see the big blue Volvo sign they remember the commercial, and people actually look for the big blue Volvo sign when they need to make planned visit at the dealership.

Another form of repetition is key to effective branding.  The name of your business, your logo, company colors, tag phrase, etc., should be consistent on your signs, letterhead, business cards, and print ads.  No variations, be consistent.

Top-of-mind awareness is a coordinated effort to build consumer recall and recognition and to advance your brand and business to the forefront of the consumer’s mind.  As our commitment to customer service, Star Bullets Banners & Signs is available to help its clients with business branding.  Contact us today at 765-203-9111 for a free consultation!

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