How to Choose a Retractable Banner Stand

Business owners have utilized retractable banners (also known as pop-up displays) for several years for office displays and trade show booths. The vertical advertising medium continues to meet a business owner’s ever-changing needs – dynamic visibility, cost efficiency, reusability, portability, and easy to assemble and disassemble. Over the years the market has been flooded with product choices, including retractable banner stands. So, how do you choose the best product that will serve your needs?

  1. How often will the banner(s) be used?
    Think in terms of its total life-span (e.g., a one-time event or multiple campaigns over an indefinite period of time). Also, consider how frequently the banner(s) will be assembled and disassembled, if it will be displayed in one location for a long period, or if it will be moved periodically. These considerations will help you to determine what type of hardware you need. If you plan to display your pop-up banner in a static location or use it for a one-time event, a budget banner stand probably makes sense for your investment. However, if your banner will need be used for a long period of time or will be assembled and disassembled frequently, you may want to consider a higher quality banner stand that will extend a warranty on manufacturing defects.
  2. Indoors or outdoors?
    Outdoor banners stands can be used indoors, but indoor stands are not durable enough to withstand wind and inclement weather conditions. Outdoor banner stands are designed to endure any type of weather, and they feature scrim vinyl to help resist graphic fading due to sun exposure.
  3. What is the best size?
    If you are using the pop-up banner for a trade show exhibit, you will need to know how much room you will have in your booth. A 5’ wide banner is a popular choice. However, that size might disrupt the flow of traffic in a 10’ x 10’ booth. In that situation, a 31.5” stand would be a better choice. Or, you might want to consider one large back-wall display comprised of three smaller banners to optimize the space and achieve the marketing presence.
  4. How often will the banner need to change?
    If you foresee a need to rotate your marketing message, a banner stand that features an interchangeable graphic cassette would serve you well. While slightly higher in the initial cost, these stands allow you to change the banner as often you wish and hassle-free. Whereas, traditional banner stands are designed for one use only.
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