Here’s Your Sign

Without question, your business investment in exterior signage is significant.  According to the Small Business Administration, commercial and retail signage is one of the most effective ways to spend your marketing budget.

Star Bullets Banners & Signs™ prides itself in offering marketing expertise to assist clients in the design process to ensure that your sign investment will have maximum readability, making the best use of your marketing dollars. The purpose of any sign is to convey a message.  If the message is to be understood, it must be noticed and read.  Essentially, we are addressing two factors in effective signage – conspicuity and readability.

Beginning with the preliminary considerations, here is part one of our sign tip series.

1.  Review the local sign code

Since signs are regulated by local government agencies, carefully consult and read thoroughly your local sign codes.  This information will define the allowable sizes.   Codes are in place, in part, to facilitate efficient resource allocation, enhance traffic safety, beautify retail and commercial districts, and stimulate the local economy.  If in doubt, contact your local Star Bullets representative.  They will be able to help you navigate the governmental red tape and may even be able to get the permits for you.

2.  Review the sign provisions and addendums attached to your commercial lease

Confirm what type of signage is allowed, how/if it may be attached to the building, what colors are allowed, etc.   Inquire about any building permits that may be required for sign installation.  Again, you local Star Bullets representative can help with this.

3.  Consider the architectural elements

Take note of all awnings, columns, contrasting brick work, or any building feature that could reduce the size of the sign, impede readability, or create installation problems. It’s much easier to address structural considerations during the upcoming design process rather than incurring additional costs under tight deadlines during the installation process.

Next week…tips for increasing the visibility and readability of your sign message.

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